Flange rings and Scrapers

Collarines Perfil Un

UN profile flange rings

Flange rings with negative lip are the most widely used, as a rod or piston seal, in alternating movements:

  • Operating pressures: < 400 bar
  • Temperatures: from -40 to +80ºC.
  • Displacement speed: < 0.4 m/sec.
Collarines Perfil Ur

UR Profile Flange rings

This flange ring brushes the smooth, clean walls of the rods in alternating or rotating movements, and is designed to prevent dirt from entering the interior of the hydraulic equipment, keeping the shafts that protrude to the exterior clean at all times.

Collarines Perfil U

U Profile Flange rings

For application in low pressure hydraulics and pneumatics. A flange ring is normally used, to prevent possible deterioration of the lips.
Collarines Perfil Ui

UI Profile Flange rings

These are flange rings derived from U or UN types, but with the outer lip larger than the inner lip. Assembly is the same as for UN flange rings.

Collarines Perfil Ua

UA Profile Flange Rings

These are flange rings derived from U or UN types, but with the inner lip larger than the outer lip. The assembly mounting, located in the interior and larger than the closure mounting, ensures a water-tight, fixed position in the piston housing.