Guarniciones Y Patines

Guide shoes and inserts

Guide shoes for Foldable FS type guides:

  • Extraordinary resistance to wear
  • High load capacity
  • Vibration and noise damper
  • Low friction coefficient
Soportes De Aluminio

Aluminium supports

Aluminium supports for FS type guides:

  • Flat and right angle supports.
  • Ready for mounting FS type standard guide shoe inserts, and also the
  • AK type lubricators.


  • Lubricators produced with technical plastics
  • Oil-resistant
Recogedores De Aceite

Oil collectors

Oil Collectors to prevent oil spillages in the lift pit



  • Pit Dampers (BUFFERS)
  • Manufactured with Cellular Polyurethane (Autan)
  • Certified by Tüv Nord in accordance with standard EN 81-20/50
Amortiguadores De Cable

Rope suspension springs

  • Rope suspension spring discs
  • Manufactured with Cellular Polyurethane (Autan)
  • Highly compressible (up to 80%)
Ruedas Ascensor

Lift wheels

  • Full schedule of Polyurethane Wheels with metal core, eccentric mounting and incorporated bearings
  • High load capacity


Full schedule of steel or cast iron Sets with polyurethane Roller guide shoes adaptable to the guides

Poleas Limitador De Velocidad

Speed limiter pulleys

Recovery pulleys in Polyamide with high elasticity and resistance module

Poleas De Desvio

Recovery pulleys

Cast polyamide pulleys:

  • From 160 to 650mm ø
  • Width from 80 to 178mm
  • Low specific weight (1.15g/cm3)
Cunas Sujeta Cables

Cable suspensions

  • Cable suspensions for electrical lift cables
  • Manufactured in rigid plastic with high mechanical resistance