Ruedas Guia

Guide wheels

Guide wheels for small and medium loads:

  • From 22 to 180mm ø
  • Load capacity from 7 to 550Kg
  • ø exterior cylinders for demanding applications
  • Steel or polyamide cores with or without bearings
Ruedas Alta Capacidad

High capacity wheels

Wheels with high load capacity:

  • From 50 to 900mm ø
  • Load capacity from 90 to 9,000Kg
  • Steel cores with or without bearing
  • Tyre de Polyurethane de VULKOLLAN o MACLATAN
Ruedas Especiales

Special wheels

Made-to-measure wheels according to the needs of each application:

  • Up to 1 metre ø
  • Load capacity of 30 to 15,000Kg
  • Formulations for all types of loads and resistance
  • Steel, polyamide and special plastic cores